These days whenever you receive a receipt, it usually comes from a thermal printer. This technology has become extremely popular in recent years, with the development of laser and wireless technology.

thermal paper rolls uk

Buying your till paper rolls from us ensures you get the best possible selection of thermal receipt paper at the best prices. Put simply, thermal roll printing offers the most versatile, reliable and economical way of producing receipts.

Thermal paper rolls were developed in the 1960s and since then, thermal printer paper has become ubiquitous in every type of retail industry. Initially it took some time to catch on because the thermal salts, which were used in early machines tended to fade quickly. In the 1980s the Japanese refined the technology using BPA coating on thermal receipt paper. This is the same hard plastic material used to make water bottles, DVDs and to line drinks cans amongst a multitude of other uses. Always the concept of thermal printing has remained the same. A heated printer head makes the coating change colour to produce a receipt. As one of the most tried and tested technologies that dominates the market, thermal roll printing has many advantages over other types of paper roll and receipt printing. It’s faster. It won’t blur or smudge. It’s reliable because it requires few moving parts. And it’s more economical because it doesn’t use ink cartridges which need regular replacement. There are two main categories of thermal printer paper. The first is for PDQ rolls and Credit Card Machine rolls and the second category is for EPOS thermal till rolls.

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